13 Mar 2013

The financiation of the innovation of the companies in 2010 + Bibliometric indicators of the Spanish scientific activity in 2010

The Spanish Observatory of R&D&I of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has recently published  in its web ICONO two new reports. Below is a summary of their most important conclusions.

PITEC 2010: The financiation of the innovation of the companies

  • In the recesive phase (2008-2010), the companies with R&D expenditure have had less job destruction than the economy as a whole. 
  • The global volume of foreign funds acceded by Spanish companies in 2010 has significantly  increased.
  • Whatever the origin of funds (private or public), the growth in the access to the financiation continues in 2010 for SME, while it is interrupted in large companies.
  • For the first time, companies give more importance to a lack of funding as an obstacle to finance innovation.

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Bibliometric Indicators of the Spanish Scientific Activity 2010

  • Spain holds the 10th position in the world ranking of scientific production.
  • VeterinaryEnergyChemical Engineering and Engineering are the areas with more visibility of its publications.
  • In number of references received in publications, Spain goes from the 11th position in 2003 to the 9th in 2010.

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