18 Mar 2013

Debate about Biofuels on TV program “Para todos La 2”

On the 8th of March 2013, a debate about sustainability of biofuels was held on the TV programm “Para todos La 2”, which airs from Monday to Friday for the whole Spanish territory in the second channel of the Spanish Television (TVE).

Mercedes Ballesteros (Chief of Biofuels Unit in CIEMAT, member of the Steering Committee in BIOPLAT and our representative in both EIBI and EERA), Liliane Spendeler (Amigos de la Tierra) and Manuel Bustos (Director of APPA Biofuels) participated in this debate, which lasted for about 25 minutes.

The interesting discussion that took place can be seen here.

Un momento del debate sobre biocarburantes.
A moment of the debate about biofuels.