10 May 2013

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the RHC-Platform

Agenda Estratégica de Investigación e Innovación de la Plataforma Tecnológica Europea de Climatización Renovable (RHC-Platform)

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-Platform)

The RHC-Platform’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (RHC-SRIA) was launched at the Annual RHC-Platform conference.

BIOPLAT is part of this platform since the beginning and is member of the Steering Committee of the Biomass Panel. Thereby, BIOPLAT has participated in the elaboration of several documents within the RHC-Platform: Common Vision, Strategic Research Priorities for Biomass Technology and Strategic Research Priorities for Cross-cutting Technology.

After creating the Agendas of the three technologies (biomass, geotermal and solar) and the one from the Horizontal Panel, the RHC-Platform considered strategic to have a common agenda from the European heating and cooling sector. Thus, BIOPLAT has been a member of the Writer Group and has been working this past year in order to reflect the Spanish priorities in the bioenergy sector. This Strategic Reasearch and Innovation  identifies the R&D activities and investments needed to make RHC technologies cost-competitive in all market segments (residential, non-residential, and industrial) in the short term (by 2020) or in the medium term (by 2030).

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the RHC-Platform-Platform can be downloaded in this link.

Presentations of the conference are available here.