17 May 2013

Energetic patents and agro-feed waste valorisation workshops.

On 25 April we celebrated the first workshop between the Spanish Technology Platforms of the energy sector: “Capacities and Strengths of Spanish Companies: success cases of patented echnological developments”. For those who could not attend, presentations are available in this link.

We learnt about successful experiences from different renewable technologies (fotoboltaic solar, concentration solar, hydrogen, ocean and bioenergy) and how from an idea -created, for example, in a garage- it was obtained innovations that have gone from Spain to Southafrica, India or China.

Furthermore, on  7 May we participated in the 6th INIA Forum of Public-Private Collaboration about “Agri-food Subproducts : from residue to coproduct”. You can find the presentations here in this link, and the main conclusions of this event here.

Please note that all documents are in Spanish.