01 Aug 2013

Annual Actuation Plan 2013

Plan de Actuación Anual 2013.

Plan de Actuación Anual 2013.

The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has published on 29 July the Annual Actuation Plan 2013 (Plan de Actuación Anual 2013, document in Spanish), which counts for more than 3.800 millon euro divided in subventions and credits. This document informs about the Budget resources and the envisaged calendar for each of the actions in R&D&i that will be developed during this year.

The Plan is divided in 4 programs:

  • State Program of Promotion of Talent and its Employability.
  • State Program of Promotion of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence.
  • State Program of Business Leadership in R&D&i.
  • State Program of  R&D&i focused on Society Challenges.

Source: MINECO