02 Oct 2013

IDAE grant program for energetic rehabilitation in the residential sector in Spain.

BOE: ayudas al sector residencial (biomasa térmica) de IDAE

In this link the “Resolution from 25 September 2013, of the State Secretariat of Energy, within which is publicated the one from 25 June 2013, of the Administration Council of the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía, IDAE) , through which it is established the regulatory bases and call of the grant program for the energetic rehabilitation of existing buildings of the residential sector (dwelling and hotel use)” can be found.

This resolution defines the terms, conditions and the procedure that will be carried out. Sustitution of conventional energy by biomass in termal installations is wihtin the scope of the grants.

There have been finally 125 millions of euros from the LÍNEA IDAE (instead of the firstly envisaged 100 M€), that have been used to create this grant program for the energetic rehabilitation of the residential sector in Spain.

The deadline to apply for this grants ends on  30 october 2015 (or before, if the budget runs out).