12 Mar 2015

Biograce-II: GHG calculation tool for electricity, heating and cooling products

The project BioGrace-II seeks to harmonise calculations of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass. To this end, it will contribute to EU policies and priorities by facilitating the formulation of sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass.

The Public version 2 of the BioGrace-II GHG calculation tool has now been completed and is available in BioGrace website.

This calculation tool features:

  •  A list of standard values
  •  An Excel tool that
    • Shows how the default values in the 2014 report were calculated
    • Allows stakeholders to make calculations themselves
  • A user manual
  • Detailed calculation rules
  • A methodological background document

To learn how to use this tool, you can check BioGrace-II on-line video instructions.

For more info you can check the BioGrace-II website: biograce.net/app/webroot/biograce2/.