12 May 2016

Yearbook BIOPLAT 2015

Like every year, it is a pleasure for us to be able to share the activities which BIPLAT carried out along the past year 2015 (link).

Anuario BIOPLAT 2015

Yearbook BIOPLAT 2015

Nowadays, the development of the bioenergy sector is unequal, as there is progress in biomass for thermal uses, in biomas for power generation and biofuels we go by impulses, and for biogas, OFMSW and other kinds of biomass the situation remais static. Having this in mind, from the Platform we try to continue contributing to the development of the Spanish biomass sector with all means within our reach.

In the near future we will have a new wider approach of biomass withing the Platform objectives (as you may have done yourselves in your entitites) and we will reactivate the working groups. We work with the aim of creating as much added value as possible for the stakeholders of the Spanish biomass sector.

We want to thank all of our members their compromise with BIOPLAT. Moreover, we encourage you to become a Premium member of BIOPLAT: www.bioplat.org/premium. They will get an special place in our new website, apart from their advantages and servicies as Premium members.

Your support in crucial for the Platform!