11 Oct 2017

Energy Platforms Workshop: Energy as an opportunity for the development and reinforcement of the Spanish industrial capability in a context of energy transition and mitigation of climate change

The workshop will take place the 17th of October, in the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. It is organized by the Coordination Committee of the Energy Technology Platforms, in which BIOPLAT is actively involved.

The objective of the workshop is to analyze the main challenges for the future technological development and to stablish the key aspects to consolidate the future industrial base with installations in Spain. In addition, the workshop aims to contribute to the future Spanish Energy Transition and Climate Change law.

BIOPLAT will participate in a lecture about alternative fuels for transportation, analyzing the different alternatives to reduce the fossil dependency of transport which represents the 90% of diffuse emissions in Spain.

The programme (in Spanish) can be downloaded here.