24 Oct 2017

District and heating census in Spain 2017: Biomass shows its leadership

The Spanish District Heating and Cooling Association (ADHAC) has elaborated the DHC census of Spain of 2017. There are 352 grids, a 15% percent more than in 2016, with a total installed potential of 1,280 MW. The extension of the grids is mor than 600 km and they are saving 224.000 tons of CO2 per year.

In the presentation it was highlighted the relevance of biomass grids in Spain, being the majority in number: 3 of each 4 DHC grids are consuming biomass.

The DHC grids of renewable sources are representing  most of the power installed, being the 75% of them (mainly by biomass). This percentaje is increasing each year, showing the more penetration of renewable technologies in DHC.

The preesentation of the census can be downloaded in the following link. (in Spanish).