21 Feb 2018

BIOMASA-AP, a project for the improvement of the R&D capacities in biomass, optimizing its management and use

On April 2017 the Biomasa-AP project started, this project has the objective of creating a cross-border cooperation network in order to optimize the exploitation and use of biomass of pruning, scrub, vines and kiwi in the regions of Galicia and North Portugal.

The project aims to improve the capacities of the R&D centers of this euroregion with the objective of applying innovative methods and technologies that achieve an optimized use of this biomass, characterized for being available in this area but not valued. This strategy will allow the reduction of the biomass management costs, employment generation and increase of the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Biomasa-AP project also aims to promote the exchange of new ideas, knowledge and information through the creation of synergies, among others, with the Operative Group AgriREFIN: Agricultural biorefinery for the valorization of bioresidues of the intensive horticulture, in which BIOPLAT is participating.