13 Mar 2018

First edition of the portfolio of solutions for Smart Cities in which BIOPLAT has collaborated

BIOPLAT is part of the Interplatforms Working Group of Smart Cities (Grupo de Trabajo Interplataformas de Ciudades InteligentesGICI). This Working Group has elaborated a portfolio that compiles solutions for smart cities. The solutions have been registered through an online tool developed by the group in September 2017.

The portfolio of solutions aims to compile technological solutions available in Spain for smart cities. This portfolio has been design for being dynamic and it will be updated in the future with the new solutions registered in the tool.

The portfolio was presented in the 7th European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation, TRANSFIERE , in Malaga.

BIOPLAT has participated in the elaboration of the portfolio through the analysis and validation of the solutions for the Energy and Environment category.