04 Feb 2021

European Green Deal Call, a total success

It is a fact that climate change and environmental degradation are a threat to Europe and the rest of the world. To overcome these challenges, the European Union launched the Green Deal at the end of 2019, a roadmap to provide member states with a sustainable economy.

In September 2020, the European Commission launched a call worth 1 billion euros, in which companies and organizations could submit their proposals to promote efficient use of resources through circular economy.

The call for the Green Deal has been a success. 1550 proposals under Horizon 2020 have been received, demonstrating an impressive response from the research community in Europe and beyond.

Eligible proposals will now be evaluated by panels of independent experts and the first selected projects will start this year, specifically in autumn.

Projects will deliver clear and tangible solutions in eight areas corresponding to the Green Deal priorities, and in two horizontal areas:

  • Increasing climate ambition – 101 proposals
  • Clean, affordable and secure energy – 256 proposals
  • Industry for a clean and circular economy – 108 proposals
  • Energy and resource efficient buildings – 115 proposals
  • Sustainable and smart mobility – 44 proposals
  • Farm to fork – 260 proposals
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems – 72 proposals
  • Zero-pollution, toxic-free environments – 115 proposals
  • Strenghtening knowledge – 106 proposals
  • Empowering citizens – 373 proposals