17 May 2023

New PNCCA infographics to promote healthy and sustainable habits

In compliance with the framework of public awareness and sensitisation measures included in the 1st National Air Pollution Control Programme (PNCCA), the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has published new educational materials to promote healthy and environmentally sustainable habits and practices:

  • A specific infographic has been produced to explain the general contents of the National Air Pollution Control Programme (PNCCA).
  • Infographics have also been produced on actions that citizens can take at home and in their daily lives, related to the residential sector, waste, domestic use of solvents and transport.
  • In addition, other infographics have been produced on actions or good practices in the agriculture and livestock sectors.
  • A specific infographic has been produced to explain, in a simple way, the similarities and differences between atmospheric pollution and climate change.
  • And finally, an informative material has been elaborated in relation to wood burning in the residential sector based on the document ‘Code of Good practice for Wood burning and small combustion installations’ of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

All materials are available at the following link.