01 Sep 2023

60 GWh/year of biomethane from manure from a Salamanca region

The small municipality of Cantaracillo in Salamanca (Spain), with only 193 inhabitants, will host a biogas plant that will transform the manure from local livestock farms into biomethane and organic amendments for agricultural use. In it, up to 150,000 tons of bovine manure will be treated each year, which, through an upgrading process, can be injected into the natural gas distribution network.

More than 20 ranchers from the Peñaranda region are promoting the project and have promised to contribute their cattle manure to the plant.

This initiative aims to mobilize an investment of between 20 and 25 million euros and is expected to generate more than 15 direct and indirect jobs, which will activate the local economy by creating a value chain around waste management and its valuation.

This Cantaracillo plant will be able to generate about 60 gigawatt hours per year (GWh/year) of biomethane, approximately 7% of the needs of homes and businesses throughout the province, thus advancing energy independence and replacing fossil fuels. The project is now entering the administrative processing phase and could be operating in 2025.