05 Feb 2024

BIOPLAT presents its spin-off: BIOCIRC (Spanish Association of Biocircularity)

BIOPLAT held its annual Assembly on 2 February, at which the Spanish Biocircularity Association – BIOCIRC, a spin-off of BIOPLAT dedicated to working on policies, markets and fostering business cooperation to strengthen the development of the sector in Spain, was presented.

BIOCIRC was created as the only business association that will encompass the entire sector and provide sustainable solutions in the field of biocircularity: bioenergy, biofuels, biogases and bioproducts. BIOCIRC will respond to the growing development of the biomass sector in Spain, which is increasingly committed to providing sustainable biocircular solutions. It will do so by fostering dialogue between policy makers, society and the sector to provide a favourable political and social framework to lead the economic and social development of regions with a positive impact on the environment through the transition from a linear economic model based on fossil resources to a circular model based on renewable resources (organic matter contained in biomasses).

BIOPLAT will reinforce its activities in research, innovation and public-private collaboration in biocircularity with a new action plan and will rely on BIOCIRC for regulation and market issues.

BIOPLAT and BIOCIRC share a common space, the State Biocircular Hub, which will organise annual congresses, publish sectoral reports, and implement social and environmental action in biocircularity. The Hub website contains Biocircular MApp, the largest visual database of entities in the field of biocircularity in existence. It will identify all entities and facilities that are part of and operate in the field of biocircularity in Spain (available in Spanish, English, Catalan, Basque and Galician).

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