12 Feb 2024

Biofuels, protagonists of the new Technology Watch Bulletin

The Technology Watch Newsletter of the Biomass for the Bioeconomy sector for the fourth quarter of 2023 is now available and, in this case, offers timely, schematic and quick-reading information on the latest patents published in the field of biofuels, developed within the framework of the Horizon Europe programme from the year 2023.

EU countries are committed to ensuring that, by 2030, at least 14% of final energy consumption in transport comes from renewable sources, including a minimum of 3.5% from advanced biofuels.

This measure is aligned with broader EU efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a transition to cleaner energy sources. In addition, it establishes an obligation for fuel suppliers to ensure compliance with these targets, thereby encouraging the use of sustainable and advanced biofuels.

These biofuel policies in Europe are an integral part of efforts to address environmental concerns and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The EU has implemented ambitious guidelines and targets that seek not only to reduce emissions, but also to address the criticisms and challenges facing the implementation of these policies. The dispute between first and second generation biofuels, along with concerns about competition with fossil fuel production, has led to the development of a number of new policies.

The display reflects the European Union’s continued strong commitment to research and innovation, reaffirming its leading position in the field of renewable energy.