13 Mar 2024

BIOPLAT participates in the BioTheRos EU Project Technical Workshop: ‘Scaling Biofuels: Into Thermochemical Futures’

BIOPLAT’s Secretary General, Margarita de Gregorio, participated as a speaker at the first Technical Workshop organised by BioTheRos EU Project: ‘Scaling Biofuels: Into Thermochemical Futures’.

Margarita de Gregorio joined a Round Table on feedstocks, which also included CIRCE, Ence, Magnon, COGERSA and FCC Medio Ambiente.

De Gregorio emphasised the differences that exist between biomass in southern European countries (where 60% comes from the agro-industrial sector), compared to the rest of the European Union countries, which tend to focus the debate on forest biomass.

She also recalled that Spanish regulation on biomass is almost as vast as the potential of our biomass resources and regretted that despite the growing interest in biocircularity, it has not yet fully entered the Spanish political agenda. “Electrification is the solution for some sectors, but not for all, we need other solutions now and biocircularity is the answer,” she said.

Margarita de Gregorio stressed that there are sufficient biomass resources in Spain to support the de-fossilisation of numerous sectors, but it is necessary to develop a market that guarantees easy access to these resources for companies. “We need to turn biomass into a commodity and we need to develop biohubs in Spain, and we need to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, we risk having the resources but not the market,” she concluded.