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13 Aug 2014

The bioeconomy starts here!

The bioeconomy starts here!

The video ‘The bioeconomy starts here!‘ describes a future in which we rely on renewable biological resources to meet our needs for food, materials and energy. The European Commission believes this future is very near, and has launched a strategy about working with nature for a more sustainable way of living. Learn more about the Bioeconomy here.

22 Jan 2014

Medium Combustion Plants Directive: publication and next steps

The proposal for a Directive on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants (MCP Directive) was published by the European Commission on 18th December 2013. This concerns installations with a capacity between 1 and 50 MW. All related documents are available here. Next steps in the institutional process: the proposal is now going to be sent to the Council...

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