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13 Aug 2014

The bioeconomy starts here!

The bioeconomy starts here!

The video ‘The bioeconomy starts here!‘ describes a future in which we rely on renewable biological resources to meet our needs for food, materials and energy. The European Commission believes this future is very near, and has launched a strategy about working with nature for a more sustainable way of living. Learn more about the Bioeconomy here.

16 Apr 2012

2nd Joint Workshop on extending the RED sustainability criteria to solid bioenergy

Within the BfN-sponsored project “Implementation of biodiversity targets in sustainable bioenergy use“, the Öko-Institut in cooperation with the Dutch Agentschap NL and the Joint Research Centre held the 2nd Joint Workshop on Extending the RED Sustainability Requirements to Solid Bioenergy on March 12, 2012 in Den Haag (Netherlands). The presentations and further information is given here.

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