22 Mar 2024

Large participation in the online course on biogas and biomethane

BIOPLAT and CIEMAT, with the collaboration of BIOCIRC, once again held the online course on biogas and biomethane from 18 to 22 March, this time with more than 150 participants. The course addressed the keys for the Spanish sector to take advantage of the enormous potential for the generation of these renewable gases. A booming sector, called to play a key role in meeting the ambitious energy targets set by the REPowerEU Plan: the production of 35 bcm per year of biogas and biomethane by 2030, with a dual objective: to increase the use of this renewable and manageable source to advance in the ecological transition and increase the security of supply and energy autonomy of the European Union, by producing all this biogas and biomethane locally.

The participants were provided with relevant content to broaden their training and identify business opportunities on the entire biogas and biomethane value chain, from the analysis of the raw materials that can be used to generate them, to the different generation technologies, upgrading processes, business models and their applications, as well as the regulatory aspects that frame and condition the development of the sector, both at national and European level.

“Renewable gases will be essential for the energy transition because electrification is not the only answer to decarbonisation. At the Spanish Biocircularity Association – BIOCIRC we are working to ensure that renewable gases are put on a par with other renewables and become an essential part of the public agenda. The time has come to implement biocircularity as a fundamental pillar for Spain and its regions and to create a strong and solvent market associated with a business network that covers the entire value chain of the sector in Spain, with a positive impact on the environment,” said Margarita de Gregorio, secretary general of BIOPLAT and CEO of BIOCIRC, at the inauguration of the course.