23 Sep 2021

Circularity in the Olive Industry (27 September 2021, 08:30–17:00 CEST) Online & Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla (Spain)

The PHENOLIVA project is an EIT Food innovation project funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. Phenoliva turns the side-​stream management problem of the olive oil industry into a great opportunity. Antioxidants extracted from olive side-​streams are used in foods and cosmetics as valuable natural additives. Full circularity is achieved by including biogas production and soil health as key pillars in the Phenoliva concept.

This public event brings together farmers, scientists, small and big businesses to discuss today’s challenges and new opportunities in the olive sector and beyond. Experts present their experience and recent research in different fields. Social, economic and environmental aspects are discussed. Roundtable discussions allow a high level of interaction. A pilot plant tour at Instituto de la Grasa gives unique insights into current research in the field of agricultural side-​stream valorisation. Download full program here

The plants of the Instituto de la Grasa, Premium member of BIOPLAT,  have been used for more than seven decades to improve the oils industry, such as olive oil and table olives, as well as other agro-​industrial products and by-​products. Onsite participation includes a guided tour of the facilities of the experimental oil mill or the greenhouse to the protein and phytochemical extraction plants, passing through the Biotechnology facilities on the table olive industry, as well as the refining plant and the anaerobic digestion treatment plant. This will provide an overview of the main assets that enable this center to focus its research on innovating and modernising the food sector.

The event takes place in Sevilla and remote online access is possible. Tickets are limited, secure your place today! On-​site participation costs 30€, lunch included. Online participation is free of charge. The language of the presentations will be primarily be Spanish, but a simultaneous translation to English is included in the audio stream of the webinar. Registration