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05 Oct 2017

BIOPLAT Annual Assembly 2017

BIOPLAT celebrated their annual assembly in collaboration with other Spanish platforms: GEOPLAT- Geothermal Energy Platform-, SOLPLAT- Solar Thermal Energy-and PTEee-Energy Efficiency Platform. The annual Assembly took place in the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. Mrs. Mª del Rosario Heras, in charge of the energy efficiency buildings department in CIEMAT (Research Center of Energy, Environment and Technology) highlighted the importance of the thermal energy technologies...

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28 Jun 2017

RHC sector still requires dedicated policies in order to accelerate innovation in the EU

The Annual Event “Innovation in the Renewable Heating and Cooling sector” of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP) was successfully held on 20 June in Brussels, Belgium. Over 50 experts attended the event at CENELEC with the aim to discuss the conditions to increase innovation in the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sector in the European Union as well as...

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11 Nov 2015

District and heating census in Spain 2015 (2014 data)

The Spanish District Heating and Cooling Association (ADHAC) has ellaborated the DHC census of Spain There are 247 grids, 45 more than in 2014, with a total installed potential of 1,139 MW. Download the documents licking on the following links: Census district and heating in Spain 2015. Presentaton of the study made by ADHAC about the Economic Effects of DHC in the Spanish economy. Main...

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18 Feb 2014

2030 climate and energy framework: the Parliament calls for heat strategy

Parliament’s joint Environment (ENVI) and Energy (ITRE) Committee recognised on January the 9th the importance of heating and cooling in today’s vote on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. Heating and cooling represent over 45% of the final energy consumption in the European Union compared to 20% for electricity, 26% transport and 9% for ‘non-energy’ use (IEA, 2011) yet they remain largely neglected...

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21 Jun 2012

Commission gives a boost to renewables, but more post-2020 ambition needed


The European Commission’s communication on renewable energy issued on 6th June examines the current 2020 framework for the development of the sector and outlines policy options for the post-2020 phase. “The Commission is pushing for rigorous implementation and enforcement of the Renewable Energy Directive, and rightly so. We must make sure that, even in the current economic crisis, we meet our 2020 objectives, and most...

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11 May 2012

First RHC Week at the European Parliament

First RHC Week at the European Parliament

Combating climate change and ensuring the security of energy supply represent profound challenges for Europe. Adapting the current energy scenario into a truly sustainable one will require realising the full potential of renewable energy sources to satisfy the heating and cooling demand– which accounts for around half of the EU’s final energy consumption. The European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-Platform) brings together stakeholders from...

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13 Mar 2012

Energy Roadmap 2050: Neither hot nor cool

European heating&cooling associations

On 6th March, eleven European heat&cool sector related associations published the joint statement “Energy Roadmap 2050: Neither Hot nor Cool“ calling for an ambitious European heating and cooling policy and showing that despite its huge potential, the heating and cooling sector remains misinterpreted in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050.

10 Mar 2011

Biomass for heating & cooling-RHC Vision Document (Executive Summary)

Biomass for heating & cooling-RHC Vision Document (Executive Summary)

The Biomass Panel of the European Technology Platform on Heating and Cooling, RHC-ETIP has published its Vision Document where it is highlighted the importance of looking beyond 2020 as many challenges are in front of us like the rising population and their needs for energy or the global warming threat. Also, the need to continue more than ever to improve our efforts towards more efficient and environmentally...

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